The construction sector enjoys a strategic place among the priorities of public policies, and this is evident through its strong economic and social impact in terms of creating job opportunities, promoting housing, developing project areas and encouraging investment.

What do we offer in general construction service.

We have the right tools and people to handle construction projects of various sizes, and we can provide the highest quality construction services at competitive prices anywhere in the Kingdom.
Major construction projects in Iraq are major and essential, often involving many subcontractors and suppliers, hundreds of workers, and millions of dollars spent on materials, equipment, and services. Therefore, organizing such operations requires highly skilled management, something that Al Delma Company continues to provide for many years in large and small projects in the Kingdom.

Steps we take to complete the project in this service

1- Highly skilled management (suppliers, subcontractors, workers, materials and equipment).

2- High performance standards (local and international).

3- A professional work team.

4- Construction projects anywhere in the Kingdom.

5- Supplier Management.

6- Individual buildings, compounds, camps, isolated construction projects, etc.

7- Careful planning.

8- Professional implementation.