We are keen to provide and provide communication services with high levels of quality and sustainability, as we have contracted with a group of service providers to construct towers and provide fourth and fifth generation services soon, and data services, until the number of communication towers in the industrial cities exceeded 80 towers.

What do we offer in the construction of communication towers?

Our core services include the design, construction and management of telecommunications infrastructure using the latest technologies. And by enhancing infrastructure sharing, our customers are able to achieve operational efficiency and higher profits for their role in reducing capital expenditures,

Steps we take to complete a project in this service

1- Establishing and managing towers according to the requirements of our customers and to meet their needs

2- Renting space on our network of towers to telecom companies, the government and the private sector

3- Providing coverage solutions inside buildings to enhance the efficiency of internal networks with advanced technologies

4- Providing operation and maintenance services, including preventive maintenance, energy management, breakdowns and other services