Landscaping is a profession related to the design and exploitation of land for human use and enjoyment. This craft is concerned with the beauty of the natural environment and the practical methods of using the land and the things on it. Professionals in this profession are called landscape architects or landscape architects.

What we offer in building construction service ?

Interdisciplinary field of Business Coordination of Buildings, People, Infrastructure, Procurement of Energy Services, Export for Service Harmony, Others and Longevity of Assets, Building and Construction. One of the most important facilities management services is the maintenance of commercial and public buildings such as hotels, resorts, schools, office complexes, arenas, convention centers, hospitals, and airports.

Steps we make to complete a project in this service

1- Land planning: Landscape architects prepare regional land use reports. These reports contain data on the environmental impact that evaluates the land in terms of its preference for residential, industrial, recreational, and transportation, and to achieve conservation goals. Landscape architects also study the characteristics of sites such as climate, water resources, vegetation cover, soil composition, and land slope.

2- Site design: After determining the use of the land, landscape architects prepare plans for site development, supervise building contractors, and work with architects to make buildings fit into the landscape so that the best use of air, sunlight, and landscape is achieved. Landscape architects may decide, in the case of designing roads, parks, and other sites, to keep mature trees to provide shade, as well as to arrange the site’s slope ratio and water drainage routes. They also design fences, hedges, thresholds, street paving patterns, and landscaping or planting arrangements.

3: Land use management: Landscape architects help park superintendents, who are land managers, to develop land use procedures in a way that preserves its productivity and beauty, such as managing forest resources and waterways.