It usually requires a wide range of constraints to consider that are unique to the design and development of construction projects. Throughout the work of a project, construction project management can handle a wide range of skills and disciplines, from architecture to engineering to public works to city planning.

What do we offer in project chain management service

There is a difference between managing administrative or operational processes that take place permanently or semi-permanently in order to provide the same product or service over and over again. Project management does not necessarily require the same requirements as management of permanent administrative and operational processes, whether in terms of technical skills required or business philosophy, hence the need to crystallize project management.

Steps we take to complete the project in this service

1- The Critical Path Method: It is a network-based tool that models project activities and their relationship to what comes before and after them. Planning is defined as developing the workflow structure of project activities, while scheduling is concerned with calculating activity variables (eg: time, cost, number of people).

2- Project planning: Project planning requires the development of a work structure, which will later become the basis for the project communication model. This form can be used later in evaluating the project by comparing it with systemic measures of efficiency.

3- Measures of project efficiency: The three measures of the efficiency of any project are time, cost and quality, and often the general objective of the project is to implement the project in the shortest time, least cost and highest quality.

4- Balance between time and cost: For a specific quality of a particular activity, the manager uses the materials, equipment and workers necessary to achieve the goal of the activity within the limits of the least cost. Given that each activity must be implemented at the lowest cost, the entire project will be implemented at the lowest total cost. But in order to shorten the time required for a business, the cost of work often increases. This may be achieved by increasing the number of workers

5- Business Relationships: There are two possible relationships between a pair of businesses in the project network:

1- One action immediately precedes the other
2- One work must follow the other work directly