Repair work is a mandatory maintenance procedure for any home. Keeping the basic structure, communications and finishes in good condition allows you to use the house for a while
long according to him. operational purpose. At the same time, the formats of repair work may be different. They determine timings, lists work activities, costs, safety standards, etc. The fundamental difference between the current reforms and the major ones, which is expressed both in approaches to the organization of processes, and in the complexity of the operations performed.

What do we offer in the repair and maintenance service.

We now give you the opportunity to restore and renovate your home and all buildings at the lowest costs and using modern engineering methods .

Steps we take to complete the project in this service

1- The process of restoring homes and buildings is carried out by Comteco. Through all the tools and devices designated for the detection of heat and water. This is done by completing the operations that will repair the damages that are present in the house. It can also affect your tiles and ceramics. So you must constantly disclose it.

2- The company carries out restoration, repair and renovation operations in homes and buildings that have been affected by various leakage risks. We deal with all tanks, pipes and connections that would affect the negative impact on the building.

3- We carry out a well-thought-out plan in the restoration operations. Therefore, you will find a severe organization and system in the transaction between the company and the different customers. Therefore, if your home needs restoration, you must seek the help of the company immediately so that you can address the problems before they begin.